No maintenance

The whole system is designed to be as maintenance free and user friendly as possible. The patented system with no mixing chamber or accumulator tank simply has no tanks or chambers to worry about. The mixing itself, which is patented as well, is done on exit and is a very clean process. Overall maintenance and cleaning requirements are minimal. it’s incredibly fast (over 3 times faster than anything else on the market), has a carafe dispensing bay (perfect for filling jugs).

Flavour swapping is simple and there is even easy access for filter or CO2 canister replacement.

Touchscreen & internet connectivity

End customers use a large interactive touchscreen to view nutritional information and make their drinks selection. They can even pay for their drink using the optional mobile-app-enabled payments. Simple, quick and easy.

Managers and staff use the touchscreen to regulate the drink temperature, modify drink strength and set serving size for both glasses and jugs. Real-time operational status is monitored, and you can receive email alerts if product is running low. Data collection and transmission over the internet means that the machine’s settings can even be managed remotely via an internet portal.

The touchscreen can even work for you as customisable videos and adverts can be uploaded to ‘animate’ the dispenser.

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Easy on the environment

The plumbed-in BeviLaNatura system is practical, convenient and highly sustainable; there are no cartons or plastic bottles of juice or water to be transported, stored, refrigerated and recycled (over 70% reduction in carbon footprint compared to bottled drinks).

The Turbo Clean cooling system cooling process creates a powerful sanitising effect without the need for expensive and environmentally damaging specialised cleaning products.

For the hot water, BevilLaNatura’s exclusive Eco Pulse Boiling System (EPBS), dispenses hot drinks on demand at temperatures of up to 99°C, surpassing all market standards. It works by using ‘pulses’ of energy rather than simply being simply ON or OFF making it over 30% more energy efficient than traditional hot drinks units!

Environmentally-friendly energy saving sleep periods can be programmed into the ‘day’ of a machine so, again, energy usage is minimised and optimised.

Made in Italy

The BeviLaNatura system is 100% designed and manufactured in Italy to exacting standards with inimitable Italian flair using the highest quality components coupled with thoughtful and precise design and engineering.