The 1931 from-concentrate drinks machine was the first of its kind to incorporate multiple top-performing design elements in a very compact format. It dispenses 3 great tasting drinks from a range including fruit juices, iced teas and iced coffee, and also chilled still AND sparking purified water. All this from one elegantly compact machine with no mixing chamber and no accumulator tank so with minimum cleaning required.

Thoughtfully conceived for ease of use: low maintenance, high throughput, environmentally friendly.

Designed for rapid BIB changeovers, simple drink temperature, drink strength and CO2 level modification plus easy access for filter or CO2 canister replacement.

There is even space for a carafe or sports bottle in the dispensing area.

At the core of the machine is the patented mixing system and the high efficiency chilling technology shared by all the BevilaLaNatura units.


OnTop is the flagship product in the revolutionary BeviLaNatura range.

Brimming with Internet of Things technologies and simply overflowing with ideas, these compact, elegant, incredibly fast, hygienic machines integrate real time information, remote monitoring over the internet, personalised video upload functionality and mobile-app-enabled payments, all via an interactive 10” touchscreen.

Comprehensive telemetry is used to collect and publish a wide range of data including voltage, pressure, temperature and much more with intelligent, proactive use of data resulting in email alerts to make everyone’s job easier.

Settings such a temperature and dilution levels can be managed remotely via an internet portal and this real-time monitoring facility allows remote diagnosis and problem resolution; a real bonus for busy engineers and invaluable when managing multiple sites.


The award winning Hot’n’Cold is the latest addition to the range and is the natural progression from the Natura OnTop, an aesthetically identical model with the same comprehensive telemetry and portion control. Simply use the internet connected touchscreen to choose your chilled or HOT drink from the 3 available options: coffee, iced coffee, hot tea, iced tea, hot water, juice, chilled water. All from one compact machine.

A ground-breaking solution, it’s easy to see why the Hot’n’Cold won a SCI Equipment Award at Food & Hotel Asia (FHA) in Singapore in April 2018. Especially when you learn that the judging criteria the foodservice industry experts used were Sustainability, Cost savings and Innovation.

Apart from the patented mixing system and proprietary chilling technology the Hot’n’Cold also uses our exclusive Electronic Pulse Boiling water heating system. Yet another massive advance in our unique post-mix drinks system.