In an ideal world, drinks dispensers in offices would provide a total drinks solution with no single-use plastic in sight, take up as little space as possible and be as easy to maintain as possible.

In the last few months, machines have been appearing with ever-more comprehensive telemetry including real-time machine usage data including volumes and technical metrics (e.g. voltage, pressure, temperature). The most advanced have remote access via internet portal for use by distributors and their engineers not only simply to view but also, and crucially, to modify so they can potentially fix the problem from the comfort of their offices. If the problem does require an intervention in person, after performing a diagnostic remotely, they will arrive forewarned and forearmed with all the appropriate equipment to fix it.

BeviLaNatura’s prize winning touchscreen operated, internet connected Hot’nCold is a prime example. It’s an elegant, compact (just 33W x 43D x 71H cm), sustainable unit dispensing coffee, iced coffee, hot tea, iced tea, hot water, juice and chilled water and bursting with telemetry plus lots of other IoT magic including mobile payments. Remote monitoring and management with settings modification from any computer or smartphone means overseeing multiple sites is so much easier and the cost saving potential is huge.

One thing is certain, these interactive and connected, sustainable and smart machines with all their practical, time and effort saving features are leading office solutions into an even more connected future.