Ah, tea; the universally appreciated beverage. It’s the world’s second most popular drink so you may even be enjoying a cup while reading this. What is it about those cure-all magical leaves that bring so much joy to so many different peoples around the globe? Tea is not just a beverage; it has strong social and cultural connotations, and is a sign of hospitality worldwide bringing the world together for centuries. 

In the winter months, take your tea piping hot. With BevilLaNatura’s exclusive Eco Pulse Boiling System (EPBS), hot tea is dispensed at temperatures of up to 99°C, surpassing all market standards. You can even fill your cup up with near boiling hot water and make your favourite brew with loose leaves or a teabag. Just drink it your way.

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Iced Tea

For when it gets a bit warmer, chilled iced tea is uniquely refreshing. Perfect at work as a pick-me–up or at play for sipping by the beach preferably on a sun lounger under an umbrella. When the sun goes down you could even use it to make a mean cocktail.

With 4 delicious flavours of iced tea to choose from, we have it covered. Lemon tea, peach tea, tangerine tea, and classic Earl Grey. The choice is yours. Just drink it your way.