Hot Coffee

In 2017, the Finns apparently drank the most coffee per capita in Europe and North America followed by the Dutch. That’s not to say that more traditional European coffee-loving nations such as the Italians and Spanish don’t like their coffee as much as they do in Northern Europe, just that they drink it slightly differently. Well now you can drink it slightly differently too.

Our coffee from concentrate is filter coffee style but not as you know it. Invigorating, super tasty and hassle free. Enjoy it short espresso-style or long American-style. Whatever takes your fancy. Just drink it your way.

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Cold Coffee

Mmmmm…. Iced coffee. Truly the drink of the moment. Rich and indulgent. Take time over it; make your own Frappuccino with some fresh milk, sit back and shamelessly enjoy the smooth, silky taste. Or drink it down like a shot for an instant energy boost. Just drink it your way.